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Much of whats wrong with conventions (and the internet) - Thomas Jamison
Much of whats wrong with conventions (and the internet)
Right here, no not her, im sure shes nice, I mean the fawning over anyone (thing?) with tits at cons or the internet, and im sure shes a nice person and has put a ton of work into her body, but a pair of ears does not a costume make.

Its like meany years ago at Katsucon the fan guest of honor was these two chicks who cosplayed, I rember asking someone who they where and what else they have done to warnet what could be seen as a honor, the only response I got was "dude there hot chicks in costume, what else do you want". I want someone who has DONE something!

I here by dub this Paris Hiltion syndrome, any group of people who give attention to a person inverse to that persons actual worth or accomplishments.

Oh the rest of whats wrong with conventions? Twilight fans, fucking Twi-tards.
plant a flower?